The Future of the Workplace Report

1st March 2018

What will offices be like in 2025? Workspace design is constantly evolving and we believe it’s critical we take time to reflect and future-gaze.

Drawing on decades of experience designing workplaces for globally recognised brands including Sony Music, Primark, Coca-Cola, and many more, MoreySmith decided to collaborate with The Future Laboratory and produce The Future of the Workplace report.

Our report looks at the elimination of boundaries between office, home and play, the intuitive technologies and wellbeing practices that will instil worker engagement, contentment and productivity, and the new hubs of learning and support.

It identifies emerging trends in the workplace, from the effects of technology to new behaviour patterns amongst younger generations, and from cutting-edge innovations to practices that are tried and tested.

3 Key Trends for The Future of the Workplace:
Sentient Workspaces
Hospitality Workspaces
Flat Age Workspaces

5 Key Components for The Future of the Workplace:
Optimise the Workforce
Become Human-centric
Create Convenience and Community
Form a Flagship
Become Age-agnostic

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